Clothing - Child's Bee Suit Ventilated

Great for fun beekeeping and to have extra help while teaching in the bee yard. This bee suit has all the same features as our regular ventilated bee suit, but is available in a smaller size. For maximum comfort while working in the bee yard, these ventilated suits will keep you cool all summer long. Three layers of woven mesh allow for a refreshing breeze through the suit, while keeping you well protected from stings. The beekeeping veil can be unzipped and thrown back when not needed and is zipped onto the suit, so you can remove it completely when necessary. The suit has multiple pockets, two on the legs and two on the chest which fasten with Velcro. It also has two larger pockets at the waist. There are pockets on both sleeves for carrying hive tools. The cuffs and ankles are elasticized, and the waist is partially elasticized. The cuff includes a thumb hook so that cuffs are kept in place when putting on gloves. The suit zips up from the crotch to the veil and a Velcro flap covers the point where the zips meet. The batwing sleeves are designed for ease of movement. 

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