VarroVap Vaporizer - Oxalic Acid Vaporizer

This vaporizer uses oxalic acid to treat hives for varroa mites. A great tool for the hobbyist beekeeper, as a treatment will only take approximately 2.5 minutes.  No heavy brood boxes to lift, no frames to pry apart. Just insert the vaporizer and treat. Easy, Simple & Effective!

This glow plug powered vaporizer is powered by a 12 volt battery and takes just 2-2 ½ minutes to vaporize 2 grams of Oxalic Acid! The vaporization of oxalic acid in beehives is a proven method of killing both Varroa & Tracheal mites. Load the cup of the vaporizer with one gram per brood chamber of oxalic acid. The vaporization will complete in just over 2 minutes. Leave it in the hive for a minute more to seal in the vapors and you’re finished! Disconnect it from the battery, remove the vaporizer, cool it with a wet cloth/sponge and you are ready for your next hive! If any residue remains in the cup after treatment, scrape it out with a stick or other blunt object.

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